Saint Wobil’s latest fashion collection

On February 17, 2011, at New York Fashion Week, fashion makers and followers will be able to see Saint Wobil’s latest fashion collection. This time, the collection is named Fall Winter Fantasy.

Everyone in the fashion world today has heard of Saint Wobil. Its owner and main designer, Darius E. Wobil has been hitting all the right notes in the fashion headlines especially for the past two years. He has been referred to as "Georgia’s youngest couture, Atlanta’s Valentino" and one New York magazine even called his designs "a fashion storm to watch for".

For the Fall Winter fantasy collection, it was the beauty and fantasy-like of high society New York in the winter that inspired Wobil. Using colours like metallic gold, black and white, red and also adornments on exquisite laced edge gowns, fitted skirt dresses, redesigned bolero jacket silhouettes, romantic silhouettes and pencil skirts, the designer’s ambition for his latest project is clear – to bring the elegance of fantasy into reality.

Since its launch in 2000, Saint Wobil has moved away from its originally wild colors and unpredictably short hems concept. Instead today, Wobil’s designs are more into blacks, browns, creamy pastels and muted patterns, some overlaid with monochromatic shapes or complementing details. During the presention of his 2010 design collection which was a restrospective to his years-long in fashion designing, he stated simply that in the future, he wants to keep designing couture.

But there are more background stories about this multilingual man’s success than pure hard work and luck that meets the eye; Wobil can speak five languages. By the age of two, family legend has it that he could pick the best fabrics in any stores. By eight, he could thread any sewing machine, ever. Wobil was a born fashion genius.

Larry Headen, owner of Hartsdale Fabrics in Hartsdale, New York, recounts how he was impressed with the high quality designs by Wobil when he brought his Brother sewing machine to his dealership for repairs one day.

“He showed me some of the pictures of his garments on his iPhone. I was extremely impressed,” Headen was reportedly saying, particularly because of the type of beginner machines Wobil was using. He has been using the machine for countless hours everyday for pro-level sewing.

Headen repaired the machine, and later repaired Wobil’s another sewing machine, the Brother LS2125I. It seems Brother is the brand of choice for Wobil in buying sewing machine, notwithstanding the repairs because of his robust use of it.

Of Headen, Wobil said “He actually taught some tricks with the new machine. He lets you watch him repair it.” It looks like for Saint Wobil's owner and main designer, his relationship with the Brother sewing machines will last for a very long time.

The New York Fashion Week will take place in Studio 450 at 450 West 31st Street, New York from February 10 to 17, 2011.